Wood lives and breathes and requires the right storage conditions. Do you have adequate storage space and can you provide the right conditions? Mevo Houtindustrie has exactly the right storage facilities for all types of wood, both indoors and outdoors. And we ensure the correct atmospheric conditions in the storage areas.

We will be delighted to share our storage capacity with you! Mevo Houtindustrie has approximately 60,000 m² of storage space at its disposal in Helmond, of which approximately 35,000 m² is covered over. We offer businesses the option of storing their wood consignments in our storage sheds and outside in the yard.


Wood has to be transported from A to B and sometimes from B back to A again via C. We know how this works and the best way of transporting wood. If required, Mevo Houtindustrie can collect your consignments or transport them to the destination of your choice. Saving you all the fuss and bother of arranging transport. Mevo takes work off your hands.

Our logistics activities are finely tuned to the needs of wood machining and delivering products to customers with the shortest possible lead time. Every day, 25 large tractor trailer units leave and return to Mevo Houtindustrie’s sites to deliver consignments of wood or collect them and then deliver them to customers. Logistics is also one of the key activities out in our yard.

Consignments of wood often travel significant distances in our yards and on our machining lines before they end up in the right place for delivery to the customer. So our focus on proficiently streamlining logistic processes is no more than logical. All day and every day, 10 forklift truck drivers ensure that each consignment reaches the right place at the right time. This is how we ensure an optimum production process without disruptions.


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