Safe corporate publicity at elevated heights 

Mevo Houtindustrie supplies “high-visibility” Mevo Fall Protection Systems for new construction projects and refurbishment projects. Good fall protection is extremely important. Railings, barriers and scaffolding edge components must be 100% safe and reliable.

The Mevo Fall Protection System is made from pine wood elements that have been planed on all sides. After dressing, the fall protection system is painted in bold and highly conspicuous colours. This results in excellent visibility and the conspicuous colours give the construction site an attractive and neat appearance. And when your company name is printed in capitals on the fall protection system, the construction site becomes your construction site. This safe corporate publicity at elevated height is offered free-of-charge for orders of at least 100 units.

The width/depth dimension of 32 x 200 (mm) seamlessly matches the dimensions of existing scaffolding components. In addition, the commonly used width/depth dimension of 45 x 70 (mm) is also available. The Mevo Fall Protection System is available and can be supplied in various lengths in the following colours: orange, green, yellow, red, light and dark blue.


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