Mevo Houtindustrie’s extensive range of machinery and expert employees are at your disposal for subcontract orders. During the course of time, we have perfected the art of finger-jointing and laminating wood, and are able to guarantee seamless and ultra-strong wood joints.

We also like to combine the advantages of laminating and finger-jointing. Mevo dressed construction and façade timber, which is laminated and finger-jointed, is backed up by the “Verzekerde Garantie” certificate. Among other things, this guarantees the integrity of the glued joints for a period of 10 years. Mevo produces softwood and hardwood products for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures subject to KOMO certification. You can also purchase certified and strength-graded C18 (T1) or C24 (T2) wood from us.

Finger-jointed and laminated pine wood is used for wood-framed houses among other applications. This type of pine wood is available from Mevo Houtindustrie in various width/depth sizes and lengths. We also finger-joint and laminate custom products made from Scandinavian wood produced in accordance with FSC certification or Central European produced in accordance with PEFC certification.


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