Wood is sustainable by nature

What could be more sustainable than wood? Processing wood generates very little waste because nearly all of the residue products can be reused, either as a new raw material or as a source of energy. This helps to save fossil fuels and means that no new raw materials need to be produced.

When burnt, wood only releases CO2 that has been previously absorbed and retained by trees as they grow, meaning that it does not contribute to global warming or the greenhouse effect. In other words, wood is naturally a carbon neutral energy source.

FSC® and PEFC wood products

These outstanding characteristics of wood fit in perfectly with Mevo Houtindustrie’s CSR objectives. All of our in-house products such as the Mevo Bricklaying Gauge Rods, Mevo Edge Planks and the Mevo Fall Protection System are made from wood harvested in sustainably managed forests in accordance with FSC or PEFC guidelines. This is how Mevo Houtindustrie contributes to corporate social responsibility.


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