CNC routing work is a highly specialised form of woodworking. It requires expert knowledge of the different types of wood. The CNC machine is capable of cutting wood at any angle you require. As a result, Mevo can cut the most complex shapes, contours and profiles and drill elaborate patterns in nearly all commonly used types of wood.

You can come to us for round barge boards, arches, cut-outs in machine-cut products, curved staging planks but also for drilling or cutting holes (to a set pattern). Both one-off products and volume batches.

CNC cutting operations can be performed extremely quickly. Two-dimensional drawings or moulds are no longer required. Production can start almost immediately based on a good 3D CAD drawing. These drawings can be directly converted to routing/drilling programs. To an accuracy of less than 1 mm thanks to computer-guided machining. This allows us to guarantee constant equality for all your routing and cutting work.


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