Quality based on experience and certification

Mevo Houtindustrie is CE, FSC, ISPM and PEFC certified. At Mevo, we process the wood in accordance with the right instructions. Mevo Houtindustrie is also KOMO certified when it comes to grading products according to C18 and C24 strength classifications when planing, finger-jointing and laminating wood.

All our finger-jointed and laminated construction and façade timber made from different wood varieties is backed up by Verzekerde Garantie (VGE) certification.
Among other things, this means that the integrity of the glued joints is guaranteed for a period of 10 years. We also produce these products in accordance with KOMO certification for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures.

Click here for our KOMO certificate 32527-13
* Click here for our KOMO certificate 32358-10
Click here for our KOMO certificate 33029-13
Click here for our SKH Quality Declaration Accoya
Click here for our FSC certificate SKH COC 000003 2019
Click here for our PEFC certificate SKH PEFC COC 5036 2019


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