Intimately acquainted with wood, for more than 25 years

With more than 25 years of experience in choosing and processing wood in our DNA, you could say that we live and breathe wood. Mevo has grown into a flourishing company thanks to a combination of true passion for wood and knowledge and skills that have been acquired by each generation and passed on to the next. Complemented by modern scientific insight and knowledge and a thirst for discovering tomorrow’s possibilities. We continue to innovate passionately. Together with TNO and with you.

Wood is a living and breathing material

At Mevo, we know that wood lives and breathes and give this magnificent natural raw material the care and attention it deserves. In our modern workshop in Helmond, we use a highly professional and extensive range of machinery to process wood. We sharpen all our cutting tools in our own engineering workshop. Our logistics activities are finely tuned to the needs of wood machining and delivering products to customers with the shortest possible lead time. Every year, we process approximately 140,000 m3 of raw materials. And because wood breathes, we have installed balanced ventilation systems in the storage areas and workshop.

Quality based on experience and certification

Every single product that leaves our processing plant complies with the highest quality standards. At Mevo, we work with KOMO, FSC, PEFC, CE, ISPM, VGE and SGS certification. But even more importantly, we have worked with wood every day for more than 25 years. Something which is reflected by our wood products and wood machining processes such as finger-jointing, laminating, planing, cutting to length, sawing, sanding and profiling.

Mevo has grown into one of the largest wood machining businesses in the Netherlands. So we are proud of our extensive customer base throughout the Netherlands and the growing number of customers that we service in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries.


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