Your partner in wood

Mevo Houtindustrie is proud of its track record as a supplier of wood products for wholesalers and customers in the construction industry. We supply exclusively to you, not to your customers! As a specialist in intelligent and innovative products, we are the construction industry’s right-hand man: Mevo takes work off your hands. We are inspired by our passion for wood and by your requirements and ideas!

All woodworking specialisms 

We offer you a complete range of specialisms under one roof. We can trim, plane, saw, sand, profile and laminate wood, machine finger joints, or cut wood with a CNC router,… whatever you require! Our modern and highly comprehensive range of machinery allows us to combine different techniques in-house. Resulting not only in satisfied customers, but also in strikingly innovative products. We are proud to present to you our Mevo Bricklaying Gauge Rods, Mevo Fall Protection System and our Mevo Edge Planks. Quality tools for new construction projects and refurbishment projects.

Mevo sees itself as an extension of its customer’s business

So we are more than happy to reinforce your corporate presentation by painting our wood products in strikingly bright colours for you and printing your reference or company name on the products. If necessary, we stock products for you or organise part of the logistics process on your behalf. We also develop new products and processes in collaboration with our customers and TNO and we have gained extensive certification. Unable to find exactly what you require among our products or services? If so, please contact us so that we can develop new solutions for you. This is how we take work off your hands and create custom products.

We have worked with wood on a daily basis for more than a quarter of a century. Our wealth of experience with wood and woodworking makes us one of the leading and largest companies in the Netherlands in this field. As a result, we are also capable of handling large projects. For you!


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